Rowing Venues

Oroville Forebay

The Oroville Forebay is located on Highway 70, one mile north of Oroville. It is the site of the Forebay Aquatic Center. The Aquatic Center also offers rowing classes and programs and training in kayaks, sailboats, and water skiing. There are two nice docks and an excellent area for beach starts.

The water is especially calm in the mornings and offers a two mile unobstructed row to the West and no motor craft on the first 1.25 mile stretch. Motor boats are rare on the western half and are usually small fishing boats. There are bathrooms, picnic areas, and a nice swimming area.

River Bend Park, Oroville

River Bend Park is located within sight of Highway 70 on the West end of Oroville. It is located on an original part of the Feather River, offers about one mile of unobstructed rowing, a nice sandy beach and a very nice wild life setting. There are shallow riffles on both ends of the rowing area and no motor craft are allowed. The park has nice picnic facilities, bathrooms, and Frisbee golf.

Rock Creek Reservoir, Feather River Canyon

Rock Creek Reservoir, Feather River Canyon is located approximately 45 miles up the Feather River Canyon on Highway 70. The drive itself is worth the trip. Once you reach the first reservoir, (Poe Dam) the drive skirts three reservoirs with scenic beauty worthy of national park recognition. Waterfalls, twisted old trees, massive granite formations, and mossy old boulders, weave among several old power houses and numerous bridges. It is also the path of the famous Feather River Railway which intersects the highway with crossing bridges nearly a century old.

The site itself is a gorgeous two mile stretch of oriental magic with the highway on one side and the railway with numerous tunnels on the other. The launching site is a large gravel and sand spit that slopes down to the water with excellent beach start areas. If you are lucky you can race one of the many trains that travel the route. At the head of the reservoir, about a mile upstream from the launch site is the tiny settlement of Belden. Food and fuel are available and Quincy is another 30 miles upstream.

Feather River, East Gridley

Feather River, East Gridley is about two miles East of Gridley (Highway 99) or two miles West of Highway 70. It is on the East side of the river and access is through a locked gate. Keys can be purchased through the Gridley Farm Bureau and I will be working on getting a key for the club.

This promises to be a beautiful stretch of the old Feather River BUT at this point I have yet to row it – so stay tuned.

Feather River Rowing Club
Serving Chico, California And Its Surrounding Waterways

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